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Beauty of Wooden Garage Doors

Because a street facing garage door can take up to a third of the front view of a home, it can be the focal point of its curb appeal. It is often the first impression a house makes from the street. As a result, the choice of a garage door will have a big impact curb appeal. Traditionally, wood garage doors provide a more natural appearance as it blends well with other natural building building materials used in construction of the house such as wood, stone, brick. There is nothing quite like the richness and beauty of wooden garage doors. Wooden doors add elegance, warmth, character and even a rustic appeal to a home. Hence, wooden garage door is a very popular choice for homeowners, especially in higher end houses.

High Return on Investment on Renovating Garage Door

According to the Professional Builder Magazine’s 2014 Home Exteriors survey, sixty percent of home buyers chose curb appeal/architectural design as the most important curb appeal criteria when buying a home. It was also the most popular buyer consideration when searching for a new home. Upgrading a garage door is also one of the top ranked home improvement projects for return on investment, according to a 2014 survey conducted by the Remodeling magazine. Of the 35 most popular projects, upgrades to garage door ranked fourth in generating the biggest return on renovation investment.

Why Faux Wood Garage Doors?

Beauty of Real Wood. Durability of Faux Wood

Ranch House Doors manufactures real and faux wood garage doors. We offer real and faux wood doors because both products have their advantages and disadvantages.  Yes, real wooden doors do require more upkeep as wood is natural and can deteriorate over time. However, when properly maintained, a natural wood door will last for many years.


Faux wood garage doors on the other hand, requires less maintenance. The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection faux wood garage doors offer outstanding features and exceptional value. Our faux wood claddings are made from a proprietary polymer material molded to replicate the texture and wood grains of real wood. It is lightweight, yet durable. It has similar hardness as cedar and pine wood. Unlike real wood, it is pest and moisture resistant and will not rot, split or crack. It can also withstand high humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the Elements Collection faux wood is environmentally friendly. It reduces environmental impact by reducing the utilization of trees, especially endangered wood species that the faux wood cladding mimics. The faux wood superior durability also reduces the need for door replacements over the lifespan of product in comparison to garage doors made with real wood. The product also has insulation properties that will help reduce energy consumption.


Despite the advantages of faux wood, it is not real wood. Some customers still prefer the real thing. No matter which product you choose, you cannot go wrong by selecting Ranch House Doors. We have you covered with an extensive choice of semi and fully customizable real or faux wood garage doors. With over two decades of experience and a state of the art manufacturing facility, we are confident that our professional craftsmen will be able to meet your garage door needs.








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