Elements Collection Faux Wood Cladding Species

Cypress_faux_wood_speciesClear Cypress Faux Wood

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Elements Collection Faux Wood Garage Door Specifications
Dimensions & Weights

One of the advantage of the Ranch House Door polymer composite based faux wood material is its light weight when compared to real wood and other “fake” or synthetic wood material like fiberglass composite. The weight of a fully faux wood cladded door with overlay is approximately one pound per square foot. Plain faux wood panel cladding without overlay is about 3/4 pound per square foot of applied material. The faux wood panels add less than 50 lbs to a standard 8’x 7’ insulated panel steel garage door. Unlike the heavier wooden door, our faux wood door typically does not require higher horsepower door opener and heavier duty door tracks.


The Elements Collection faux wood material is half-inch thick. The faux wood is then glued  glued to a flush (flat) insulated garage door panels made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with two coats of baked-on polyester paint to provide a low-maintenance finish and durability.

The Elements Collection faux wood garage door is built on a two-inch steel back frame using Polystyrene insulation which has an R-Value of 12.5. An optional polyurethane foam core with a higher insulation value of R-19 is also available.

Finish – Paint or Stain Grade
The faux wood can be painted or gel-stain in a variety of colors and finishes.

Wind Load Doors
Wind load doors are manufactured to withstand high wind pressures. The interior door panels (backside) are reinforced with a wind load strut system. Additional door components, such as track, jamb brackets, rollers, hinges are also needed. Please check with a local garage door installer to determine the type of garage door you need for your location. Installation of wind loaded doors is not a DIY project. It requires the expertise of the local garage door installer for proper installation as it can be extremely dangerous if the wrong door is used or installed incorrectly.


Our faux wood material has approximately the same density of White Pine or White Cedar.

Parallel Compressive Strength 700 lbs. per Square Inch
Tensile Strength 600 lbs. per Square Inch
Elastic Modulus 5,000 lbs. per Square Inch
Shear Strength 320 lbs. per Square Inch
Flexural Strength 4,000 lbs. per Square Inch
Flexural Modulus 1,000 lbs. per Square Inch
K factor 0.22 BTU.In/hr.ft2 ˚F

Elements FAUX0

Elements Collection Faux Wood Garage Door Models

040414 Fatezzi Elements Collection Classica .PC9

 >>Download Elements Collection Classica model information sheet



>>Download Elements Collection Elegance model information sheet



>>Download Elements Collection Estate model information sheet



>>Download Elements Collection Spanish model information sheet

RHD Elements Collection Faux Wood Garage Doors Brochure

The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection faux wood doors are comparable to the Fatezzi and Martin Garage Door Chalet, and Clopay Canyon Ridge faux wood garage doors

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Note: For price quote, please provide the model number, size of door opening, and the number of garage doors you need.