Frequently Asked Questions
Are your doors insulated?
Yes, our faux wood garage door functions like a modern insulated garage door. It is designed to converse energy. Our standard Elements Collection faux wood garage door has a Polystyrene insulation which has an R-Value of 12.5. An optional polyurethane foam core with a higher insulation value of R-19 is also available. The two layers of RHD faux wood (composite base cladding and composite overlay) are attached permanently on an insulated three layer steel garage door with either a polystrene or Polyurethane (optional) core for added insulation. The end result is a solidly built five layer garage door with high insulation efficiency. See the faux wood construction webpage for details.
Are your doors as heavy as traditional wood doors?
Our faux wood door is very light in comparison to real wood or doors made of composite material such as fiberglas, reinforced boards with recycled glass, fiber cement siding boards or plastic wood composite decking material The faux wood cladding adds about three-quarter pound per square foot of applied material. The total added faux wood weight is around 50 lbs for an 8 x 7 door. This is a lot lighter than a panelized or solid wood or other composite wood garage door.
Are custom design doors available?

Yes, we provide custom garage door designs. If you can dream it, we’ll help you design and build it. Ranch House Doors is one of the country’s largest custom wood garage door companies with over two decades of manufacturing experience.  We are a one-stop custom manufacturer with experience in manufacturing wood products. Ranch House Doors manufactures wooden front entry doors, garage doors, swing out carriage style garage doors entry doors and gates, pedestrian gates, interior doors, closet sliders, and even window shutters. If we cannot design it with faux wood, we’ll custom a real wood door for you.

What are your faux wood material made of?

The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection faux wood panel or cladding material is made of proprietary polymers that are engineered for optimal strength and durability when exposed to the outdoors. The Elements Collection faux wood does not contain any natural wood fibers. Our faux wood material will not rot, crack, split or shrink. The all-whether faux wood handles very well in climates with extreme humidity, heat and low temperatures. The faux wood has been extensively tested with no delaminations or adverse results in temperatures as high as 200 degrees fahrenheit  and as low as -30 degrees fahrenheit.

How do your doors compare to the Clopay Canyon Ridge faux garage doors?

The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection polymer composite faux wood  are made of similar material used in the manufacturing of Clopay Canyon Ridge faux wood garage doors. Other companies with similar material include Fatezzi and Martin Doors Chatel series. Our product offerings, garage door construction methods and pricing will differ from other competitors. Call us for a product sample and price quote so you can compare and see for yourself the different competitor product offerings and pricing.

Do you provide installation service?

If you live in an area that is serviced by our dealer network, we can provide installation service. If there is no Ranch House Doors dealer in your area, you can hire any qualified local garage door dealer in your area to install our faux wood doors. We can ship the garage door directly to you or to the local garage door dealer.

How do wood garage doors prices compare to faux wood garage doors?

We manufacture both real wooden garage doors and faux wood garage doors. Real wood and Faux wood garage door costs depend on the model selected, the size, steel insulation core type (polystyrene or polyurethane) and other options selected. Likewise, the price of real wood doors depends the different options selected. Let us know what you are interested in so we can provide you a price quote for a faux and/or real wood garage door.

How is your pricing compared to decorative faux wood painting a garage door?

If your budget is limited or a wooden door may look out of place in your neighborhood, faux painting or finishing may be an option for you to consider. It is possible to faux paint a typical white metal garage door to look like wood. The costs of hiring a faux painter will vary from around $600 for a single garage door to $1,000 for a double garage door. You could also faux paint your steel garage door yourself. However, faux painting requires a skill set or knowlege about color mixtures and techniques to achieve the look of wood with realistic looking wood colors and wood graining creation. Another caution is using the wrong type of paint or stain may ruin your finish in 1-3 years especially if you use a dark color, and your door is facing the sun.

A professionally faux finished metal door will look beautiful from a distance. The realism of a wood door diminishes the closer you get to the door. Our composite faux wood cladding material is molded from real wood to replicate the texture and wood grains of real wood including natural wood imperfections like knots, wormholes, cracks and holes. The end result is a faux wood cladding with remarkable realism. It not only looks like real wood, but it feels like real wood.

How does real wood garage doors compare to faux wood garage doors?

Ranch House Doors manufactures both real and faux wood garage doors. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages.

Real Wood Garage Doors

Many of our customers insist on the real thing–real wooden garage doors. Real wood doors have been given a bad rap usually by competitors promoting their non-wood garage doors. It is true that real wooden doors require regular upkeep including repainting or restaining and sealing to extend the life of the door. Wood is natural and can deteriorate over time. However, when properly maintained, a natural wood door will last for many years especially the solid wood doors. Another limitation of real wood is it is does not take dark colors well. Constant exposure to direct sunlight will also shorten the life of a real wood door. Wooden doors are also not suitable in climates with high humidity and precipitation.

Despite the downsides, our real wood garage doors are still in high demand today because the natural beauty of a wooden door is hard to beat. Wood is versatile, and allows homeowners the ability to custom design their own doors to match the architectural elements of their home like matching the front entry doors or matching it to windows and shutters. There’s no other natural building material that offers countless combinations of design customization and visual appearances. This added benefit is especially true for homeowners of historic homes looking for architecturally or historical accurate garage doors which requires customization.  Real wood garage doors are typically custom handcrafted from wood like mahogany, cypress, cedar, oak, redwood, Douglas Fir, hemlock, or spruce. There are more wood species choices than faux wood.

Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood doors are made of composite material that requires minimal maintenance because it does not rot, crack, split or affected by pest. It is also a “green” environmentally friendly product. However, faux wood sits lower than real wood on perceived quality. While it looks like real wood, it is not real wood. Faux wood customization is also not as wide as real wood. Faux wood has also a limited number of wood species. Once the faux wood garage door paint or stain is selected, the door color is basically set for life and cannot be changed. Faux wood cannot be sanded. Unlike faux wood, real wood can be sanded and repainted or stained with a different color.

How does faux wood compare to synthetic or composite garage door?

Residential garage door manufacturers have introduced new door cladding material and technologies over the years to replicate the look of a custom-made real wood garage door. These products include wood grain printing on steel garage doors, cellular PVC wood boards, fiberglass, and composites made with recycled wood or glass fiber and polyurethane resins. However, until recently, none of these products were serious alternatives to natural wood because they lack the realism of real wood.


The newer innovation using polymer composite faux wood chemistry utilized by Clopay Canyon Ridge faux wood garage doors and Ranch House Doors Elements Collection have resolved the wood realism problem of older technologies. For example, Ranch House Doors Elements Collection faux wood garage door has brought together the best of real wood’s beauty and polymer composite engineering. The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection faux wood cladding is molded from real wood to replicate the wood grain and texture of natural wood. Unlike other older technology composite synthetic or fake wood that are heavy and look unrealistic, the Ranch House Doors high definition faux wood panels are lightweight, and mimics most of the original wood details. It even mimics the natural imperfections of real wood like worm holes, pockmarks, cracks, wood knots, hand-hewn marks and wood decay holes up to 1/4 inch deep. Once the garage door is installed, the doors look like real wood garage doors.


Another distinct advantage over other synthetic and composite material is weight. The Ranch House faux wood is significantly lighter than other composite garage doors. The faux wood cladding adds about .75 lb per sq foot of applied material. The total added faux wood weight is around 50 lbs for an 8 x 7 door.  The lightweight advantage of faux wood allows the use of lower cost door openers, tracks and other operating hardware. Because composite and real wood garage doors are significantly heavier they require more powerful, and hence more expensive door operators, door tracks and other supporting equipments to support the additional door weight.

Is your faux wood garage doors available at Home Depot?

Our faux wood garage doors are not available at Home Depot. We sell our doors through our dealer network or ship to you directly from our factory if there’s no Ranch House Doors dealers in your area.

Won't it be Cheaper to Faux Wood Paint?
If your garage door renovation budget is limited, faux painting or staining an existing garage door may be an option to consider. You can faux paint the garage door yourself or hire a professional faux painter. Faux wood paint cost is around $500-$1,500 depending on number of doors and faux painter experience. Faux painting require experience and knowledge about using the correct paint for the outdoors. Not all paints are created equal. Using the wrong paint or stain may ruin and shorten the life of the faux paint so be sure you educate yourself or consult a faux painter.

The Ranch House Doors Elements Collection composite faux wood doors are comparable to the Clopay Canyon Ridge, Martin Garage Doors Chalet and Ackue Fatezzi faux wood garage doors

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